Kypreos Operations Team


    We understand that buying and selling a home can be the most important decision for your family. That is why we are committed to providing every seller and buyer with exceptional service. Meet the team that makes that happen behind the scenes. With a harmonious collaboration between our home advisor specialists and operations team we can transform your real estate transaction into a seamless and stressfree experience!

    • Broker | Owner, Realtor® B.1001699
      Office: 702-815-1555
    • Director of Operations | Broker Salesperson, Realtor® BS.0144892
      Office: 702-815-1555
    • Managing Broker | Realtor® BS.0144882
      Office: 702-815-1555
    • Director of Sales | Realtor® & Property Manager BS.0054121
      Office: 702-815-1555
    • Photo of Lesley Kypreos
      Lesley Kypreos
      Director of Finance | Owner, Sales Associate S.0171259
      Office: 702-815-1555
    • Victoria Enriquez
      Operations Manager | Sales Associate, Realtor® S.0185628
      Office: 702-815-1555
    • Crystal Sharp
      Sales Manager | Sales Associate, Realtor® S.0184038
      Office: 702-815-1555
    • Photo of Kimberly Kerl
      Kimberly Kerl
      Transaction Manager | Sales Associate, Realtor® S.0184111
      Office: 702-815-1555
    • Photo of Valentina Purchev
      Valentina Purchev
      Listing Manager | Sales Associate, Realtor® S.0078719
      Office: 702-815-1555
    • Photo of Shavannah Farr
      Shavannah Farr
      Transaction Coordinator | Sales Associate, Realtor S.0188255
      Office: 702-815-1555
    • Photo of Farrah Hayden
      Farrah Hayden
      Transaction Coordinator
      Office: 702-815-1555
    • Photo of Kori Jaworski
      Kori Jaworski
      Compliance Manager | Transaction Coordinator
      Office: 702-815-1555
    • Photo of Jan Torres
      Jan Torres
      Listing Administrator | Sales Associate, Realtor® S.0078343
      Office: 702-815-1555
    • Dan Mortimer
      Lead Manager | Sales Associate, Realtor® S.0187017
      Office: 702-815-1555
    • Photo of Erica Cabalitasan
      Erica Cabalitasan
      Kypreos Team Administrator | Sales Associate, Realtor® S.0189489
      Office: 702-815-1555
    • Tracey Prough
      Kypreos Team Listing Coordinator | Sales Associate, Realtor® S.0171890
      Office: 702-815-1555
    • Photo of Alexia Catala
      Alexia Catala
      Kypreos Team Administrator
      Office: 702-815-1555
    • Westyn Sharp
      CMA Analyst | Admin Support
      Office: 702-815-1555
    • Photo of Kevin Williamson
      Kevin Williamson
      CMA Anaylyst
      Office: 702-815-1555
    • Photo of Eugene Fernandez
      Eugene Fernandez
      CMA Analyst
      Office: 702-815-1555